What Wedding? {Guest Blogger – Janice Reyes Photography}

I know you all think that huge party last week was for Ali’s wedding, but it was really just to celebrate our 10 year anniversary of being bffs.

Here is me and my little family:

I am so grateful and blessed to have gone from immature teenager into (mostly mature) adulthood with Ali by my side. I feel like there is so much to stuff into one guest blog post, but I’m just going to share some recent reflections on mine and Ali’s friendship.

Here we are as newly dinked freshman:

We have many fun stories from college, but our parents and husbands read our blogs so those stories aren’t appropriate for the internet.

Just kidding.


We didn’t ALWAYS get into trouble. Look how we spent spring break our senior year!

Ali has always been a friend that has felt sad for me when I was sad and happy for me when I was happy. Her love of God, honesty, and loyalty is what I love most about her. It wasn’t an easy lesson to learn, but honesty and loyalty are hard to find in friends. Those hard lessons have just made me appreciate Ali even more. Even if she is mad or upset with me – I know she will be honest about it and eventually forgive me.

I’ll share one story.

One week after graduation I moved to NYC to teach middle school science. Grad school started immediately and I was bitter that I didn’t get any break from school work. I hated living there, didn’t know anyone, was breaking up with a boyfriend, and had to take a physics class (the worst part of it all was the stupid physics class). I must have called Ali every lunch break in tears the first 2 weeks. I just needed to talk and be guided into finding the positive. Once I stopped being a whiny brat, I opened my heart up to the experience and made wonderful friends and fell in love with my husband. Major life lessons were happening all around me and I just soaked up that wisdom. There is no way I could have made it through those first few weeks without her support.

Ali has been there for me to celebrate my marriage, birth of my 2 boys, buying a house, and making new friends in Texas. She has also been there for me to talk about health issues, pregnancy, grad school, horrible principals, moving across country, and the struggle of making new friends in Connecticut and Texas.

I’m going to talk about Kit for a second. Ali and I would often talk about her ideal husband. Like, the kind of man he would be. I, for serious – 100% guarantee, Kit matches her ideal husband. Kit, we have been talking about you and praying for you for years. Ali, you always need to remember that you asked God for Kit and God delivered. I love you guys and know that with patience, compromise, and communication you are going to have a solid marriage.

Before I leave Around the Veggietable I want to share a video of my son on his 4th birthday.

**I’ve been trying to embed the video for way too long, you are going to have to click on the link to youtube to watch it. You will not be disappointed.**

Hula Hooping

Visit my blog. I made Ali’s veil and will be posting a tutorial on how I made it!

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